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Dance while the music is playing

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Dance while the music is playing

Summer sale continues

Save up to 40%

Prepare yourself for the warm, cosy and social summer nights with a new speaker. We've got some amazing offers right now. Great savings on speakers and also on our chic and smart purse with built-in power bank cPURSE. 

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The news has arrived

Please welcome aGO, an ultra portable mini speaker. aGLOW has also arrived. It's the ultimate multifunctional speaker with wake-up light and alarm clock funktion controlled by an app. Last but not least, the cool and nifty toCHARGE MINI is here. Ready to reload you anytime. 

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Classy and wireless

Next generation of wireless charging

Make charging simple and neat with wiCHARGE – a classy contact-based wireless charger. Just connect wiCHARGE to a power outlet, place your Qi-compatible device on its soft touch surface and you’re ready to charge!

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Masculine and elegant

KREAFUNK aFUNK soft coral colored bluetooth speaker on table

360 degrees sound

Funk Up Your Everyday with aFUNK

aFUNK has a dazzling design and True Wireless Stereo, so you can pair two aFUNK speakers at the same time. That's cool, right?

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Music makes memories press play to remember

Imagine a life without music. It simply wouldn’t be the same. Music makes memories. Create new memories with KREAFUNK by your side. That's how they've put it on ITSLIQUID.COM. Thanks for the feature!

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