Stereo Play. Let the music embrace you.

Stereo Play. Følelsen af live-musik.

Music reaches new heights with Stereo Play. So, if you love music, chances are that you’ll love it even more with Stereo Play. An incredible soundstage of music awaits with more detail, depth and dimension.

With stereo pairing, you can wirelessly connect two of the same Kreafunk speakers to achieve a remarkable sound experience. Perfect for your living spaces – kitchen and living rooms - to create left and right channels for immersive adventures in the world of music.

Single speaker vs twin speakers/One or two speakers?

Even though one speaker can sound incredibly good and be the perfect device for playing background music, Stereo Play will give you an impression of being in the room with the performers. You’ll experience different instruments coming at you between the speakers. You’ll hear your music in three dimensions – the same way you’d experience musicians positioned in various places on an actual stage.

In other words – when you listen to your music in stereo, it’ll sound more like a live performance. And this sound cannot be achieved by a single speaker.

Pair your speakers/How to pair your speakers

It´s an easy task to pair two Kreafunk speakers to achieve Stereo Play. The setup will only take seconds. Simply turn on your speakers and follow the steps in the manual to pair them. And you´re ready to listen to what you love in incredible stereo.

Speakers that support Stereo Play




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