We're tuning in on what's important


By tuning in on what’s important, we recognise that our actions have an impact on the world we live in. Therefore, we strive to take our responsibility seriously, creating effective solutions towards a more sustainable future.


Below you can learn more about our commitments and actions:

1) Objectives

2) Protection of the environment

3) Materials

4) Packaging

5) CARE collection



At KREAFUNK we care. We want to ensure that our audio products remain a source of happiness and inspiration to all people. Not just regarding aesthetics and functionality though these are also priorities. We are committed to running our company with responsibility and respect for the environment. Our key priorities therefore reflect our main objectives:

Responsible sourcing: We source our raw material with care. This allows us to use the best materials available that also have as little impact on the environment as possible. This is also why one of our long-term goals are to reduce plastic in everything we do.

Shapes and colours: Our design team stays updated with trends and tendencies of the time and choose the shapes and colours of our products with care. They do this so our products stay relevant across seasons, creating long-term value for everyone.

Great sound: We choose state of the art technology in order to give you the best sound experience we can.

Value for money: We create funky products with a remarkable quality and finish. At the same time the prices are affordable. It’s for everyone.



We want to become more environmentally friendly by continually improving our processes and minimizing our environmental footprint. For that to happen, we have to make compromises. Therefore, we believe it’s important to find solutions that we can vouch for seen from both a financial and environmental perspective. Some of the steps we’re able to make on our own, while others require us to work with partners to get the best solution. Our green journey began a long time ago, and with small, yet effective steps, this is what we’ve done so far:

  • Searching for and choosing environmentally friendly material.
  • Entering into powerful partnerships that enhances the amount of recycled materials in the product line-up.
  • Reducing unnecessary packaging



We strive to use the best material available. By doing this we can offer you a product made from quality material, both on the inside and the outside. This makes our products not only stylish, but the sound great as well. In addition, we have begun searching for more environmentally friendly solutions. It’s an ongoing process, and we continue to improve as more options and materials that are suitable for audio products become available. With the use of quality materials, we are able to recycle most of the parts. Therefore, we encourage you to hand in your used electronics at your nearest collection point for safe disposal and recycling.

3.1 Wheat straw fibres

We are constantly searching for solutions that will allow us to make more environmentally friendly products. So far, this means we’ve replaced 35% of the plastic in our CARE collection with the environmentally friendly material wheat straw fibres, and we’re working towards making this material the new normal for all our products.

Wheat straw fibres are made from renewable resources, which means that the amount of fibres we use for each product will be naturally reproduced within a considered time period. The material is also made as a by-product from the wheat industry. Instead of discarding the wheat stems, it’s now possible to turn them into biodegradable plastic that can be used in an array of different products.

What about the quality you might ask? No worries. Though we’ve replaced a lot of the plastic with natural fibres, the incredible sound that you know from our other products hasn’t changed a bit. So, it’s just a win-win situation!

3.2 Partnerships

In order to become more environmentally friendly, we’ve partnered with Gabriel®, a Danish textile company. With this partnership, we’re able to make the CARE collection the first KREAFUNK collection with a textile front instead of a metal grille. Gabriel® provides the recycled polyester fabric for aTUNE CARE and aGO CARE. This fabric is made of 98% recycled plastic bottles. That’s pretty awesome!

We’re also working with the Danish graphic house Johnsen, who are eco-certified. This ensures that all our printed materials are produced with the least possible load on the environment. For instance, our product catalogue is printed on FSC® certified paper.




4.1 Wooden boxes

All our audio products, our wireless chargers, and our power banks come in a packaging made from the Paulownia tree. This is by far one of the fastest growing trees; a tree that requires low maintenance and contains substances that have different beneficial effects on the environment so as restoring destroyed lands.

We are a member of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®-N003167), and the wood for our boxes for the CARE collection is FSC® certified. ­­This certification ensures that the wood is responsibly managed and harvested with the right environmental consciousness. In short, with the FSC® certification you know the conditions in terms of harvesting have been of highest standard, that animal and plant life have been protected, and that the people working in the forests are guaranteed education, safety gear and a fair salary.

Besides the obvious benefits from the above, we encourage you to prolong the life of the boxes. With the wooden boxes, we offer a chic storage solution, a unique piece to your décor or a fun element to any creative project.

4.2 Packaging journey

But the packaging journey doesn’t end here. In the future you’ll see that we’ve limited the amount of packaging at every stage, so that only the appropriate amount of packaging to ensure safe handling and storage of the products are used. For instance, we’ve decreased the size of our wooden boxes, which automatically affects the amount of foam used in every box. 

We’re happy to say we only use the amount of packaging appropriate to ensure safe handling and storage of the products. This way, we ensure that there is no damage to the product and no excessive waste.



The CARE collection consists of 35% wheat straw fibres. The fibres are visible in the surface material, adding texture to the appearance of the products and creating a unique nature inspired look that will make them stand out no matter where they are.

Read more about CARE


The CARE collection consists of eight products so far: aGO CARE, aTUNE CARE, toCHARGE CARE, toCHARGE MINI CARE, wiCHARGE CARE, aJAZZ CARE, aBEAN CARE and wiTRAY CARE.

These products are known bestsellers made with 35% wheat straw fibres. The fibres are visible in the surface material, adding texture to the appearance of the products and creating a unique nature inspired look that will make them stand out no matter where they are. The products, however, still have a soft touch surface for enhanced comfort.

Moreover, the fabric used on aTUNE, aJAZZ and aGO is from the Danish textile company Gabriel®, and is made from 98% recycled polyester.

So how do you know it’s a CARE product? Check the packaging. When you recognize the green CARE symbol on our packaging, you’ll know that we’ve made a more environmentally friendly choice sourcing the materials for our products. Every product in the CARE collection also come in FSC® certified wooden boxes.

Oh and there's more! Through the CARE collection, we support charity working in favour of the environment. For every CARE product sold in 2021, we're donating €0.30. We want our way of doing business to be long-term and our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic in everything we do.

**Since the launch of KREAFUNK CARE in January 2020, we have sold close to 41.000 products from our CARE collection. This means that 12.185€ are going straight to charity - this year, to The Ocean Cleanup whose mission is to develop advance technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic.