Sneak Peek at 2018 News

It's finally time to reveal our news for you. Are you ready for a sneak peek?

We're so excited.

It's finally time to present all our 2018 news to you. All the stuff we've been working so hard to finish.

Get ready for a sneak peek at the new additions to the KREAFUNK collection. They're stylish and full of power. And we've of course added some surprising elements to each and every new product. Just like the rest of the KREAFUNK products.

On top of it all, you'll soon get a chance to meet the new and improved toCHARGE. Just wait and see for yourself. Are you ready for a sneak peek?

KREAFUNK bGEM wireless in ear headphones sneak peak
Eye-catching golden details.
KREAFUNK cPURSE sneak peak
KREAFUNK toCHARGE powerbank sneak peak
Round shapes and handy leather straps.
KREAFUNK aFUNK bluetooth speaker news sneak peak