Introducing KREAFUNK Playlists

We’ve made our universe even more electrifying with playlists created exclusively for you.

After entering the KREAFUNK UNIVERSE we imagine you’ve experienced that music is an inevitable part of our brand and our everyday life, and it's most likely also a big part of your life. Therefore, we want to share the music with you.


Let us introduce you to KREAFUNK'S PLAYLISTS. They are created in collaboration with talented people from the music world and by the KREAFUNK team itself. You will find lists of inspiring and evocative beats that you can listen to anytime. Just tune in on our Spotify and listen to playlists by KREAFUNK.

We are going to share new playlists on a regular basis. So, stay tuned all year around and access all the cool, pulsating, laidback, funky, chillaxing, upbeat, moving, alternative, and happy playlists.

Music does it all

There are many reasons why we encourage everybody to surround themselves with music all day long. A very clever philosopher once said:
“Without music, life would be a mistake” - Friedrich Nietzsche

We definitely agree with Friedrich Nietzsche on that! We love music and we can’t stop listening to it. In the car, at the office, while alone, with friends, while cooking, at the bar, during school, while doing homework, when lying on the sofa on Sundays, at the gym, with a glass of wine, when sad, when happy. We could keep on going.

One thing is for sure: Music is for dancing. And life shouldn’t be a bore. So, remember not to live to retire, but dance while the music is playing.

It's all about music

Music brings out those unique feelings and memories. Music says more about your identity than you think. Music gets your creativity flowing. What's not to love. Music's just awesome.