We are pleased to introduce you to KREAFUNK CARE, a more environmentally friendly approach to the way we do business. In the CARE range, we have reduced the amount of plastic in each product by 35%. We do this by substituting some of the plastic with wheat straw fibre, a natural by-product of wheat production. We are also excited to work with the Danish textile company Gabriel® which has developed textiles from recycled polyester. This also means that the fabric on all speakers in the CARE collection is 98% recycled polyester.


aCAPPELLA CARE is the high jumper within Bluetooth speakers in the CARE Series.

It is not only a conscious choice, it is also a stylish choice.

aCAPPELLA CARE is wrapped in Gabriel's soft recycled fabric of 98% plastic bottles and top and bottom in 35% wheat straw fibers.

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Get an extra charge on the go. toCHARGE MINI CARE is a power bank that is petite, powerful and smart at the same time.

The compact size of the power bank makes it fit in even the smallest bag.

toCHARGE MINI CARE consists of 35% less plastic.

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wiTRAY CARE is much more than just a tray. It also has two wireless, contact-based Qi charging zones.

All you have to do is place your smartphone or other Qi-compatible device on top of the tray, and then charging will begin easily and conveniently.

wiTRAY CARE consists of 35% less plastic.

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This stylish charger is designed to make charging your device as easy as possible. All you need to do is plug the wiCHARGE II CARE into a power outlet and place your Qi-compatible device on top.

wiCHARGE II CARE is a more environmentally friendly alternative and consists of 35% less plastic. 

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aJAZZ CARE impresses with both its unique shape and powerful sound. But don't be fooled by the name - whether you're into avant-garde, house, rock or pop, aJAZZ plays all genres with depth and clarity.

The exterior is made of 35% less plastic, and the textile of 98% recycled polyester from Gabriel®.

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aTUNE CARE our multifunctional DAB + radio. It transmits both FM and DAB+ while being a Bluetooth speaker, so you have all the different playback options available. 

aTUNE CARE is made of 35% less plastic while the textile front is made of 98% recycled polyester from Gabriel®. 

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This portable Bluetooth speaker fits perfectly in your pocket. But don't be fooled by the size of aGO CARE, because the sound is absolutely formidable. The speaker is the smallest in our range, and its soft shapes and simple design are a stylish choice that can both decorate the home or be taken along when you are going on the go.

aGO CARE is made of 35% less plastic while the textile front consists of soft recycled textile made of 98% plastic bottles from Gabriel®. 

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Once Upon a time, long ago, it was Hans who, crawling to heaven on the magic beans, met the giant and freed the golden harp. With aBEAN CARE, the magic is not to be mistaken either. 

aBEAN CARE is more than just a pair of In-ear Headphones with awesome sound. You also get a matching case that can be recharged completely wirelessly.

aBEAN CARE consists of 35% less plastic and is designed to complement your style.

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Argggh, I'm out of power! Who has not been in that situation over and over again? And it always happens at the most inopportune times. You can get rid of that worry. We have the perfect solution: toCHARGE powerbank.

It's your hero when you need an extra shot of energy, literally. toCHARGE CARE ensures that your smartphone, tablet or similar less portable device never runs out of power.

toCHARGE CARE contains 35% less plastic. 

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With aLOOMI you get both lamp and speaker in one. Thus, your music blends nicely into your home or your lamp in with your sound.

Dimmable light, candlelight function and coloured light are just some of the exciting features aLOOMI offers. You can also take it with you everywhere, as it is both water and dust resistant (IP55)

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aWAKE is not just an alarm clock. It can play pre-recorded nature sounds where the built-in small lamp gradually begins to light up more and more up to the time your alarm is set.

It can charge your QI compatible devices,
has snooze function and can act as mini speaker as well.

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No more bacteria on the phone, glasses, etc.

aCLEAN is a smart box that kills bacteria in no time via UV light. Put your phone in the box, wait a few minutes for one voila - your phone is germ-free. Also works on jewelry, glasses, etc.

It also has a built-in QI charger so you can charge your phone while it cleans.

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