Est. 2011



KREAFUNK is a Danish lifestyle brand that designs Bluetooth audio products that focus on the essentials-the joy of music! 

Nothing should stand in the way of good sound. Therefore, the operation of our products is made as intuitive as possible. Easy tech, audio products for those who share our love of music.

We strive to bridge the gap between creativity and functionality by combining these into unique, colourful designs. All our products are wireless and meet the latest fashion and interior trends updated with the latest technology inside.

We design for a life on the go. Choose your favorite. Blend in or stand out - it's all up to you. Take KREAFUNK anywhere. 


”With our products we want to bridge the gap between creativity and functionality. We strive to create audio products that provide a good sound while having an aesthetic value, so that they become part of the customer's expression and lifestyle” Kenneth Bahnsen