We care about the environment
One thing you need to know about us, is that we genuinely care about our wonderful blue planet. We therefore created the Care collection, which consists of the two gorgeous series: Wheat and Stone - made from materials found in nature that live up to our high standards.




aGO Stone

A cute little companion for when you need a bit of music in the background. Small enough to put in your pocket, it´s easy to take aGO Stone with you anywhere and benefit from alluring tones.

aJAZZ Stone

Based on the iconic aJAZZ, this aesthetic version in Stone adds a natural and rough surface. With aJAZZ Stone you can expect astounding depth and detailed sound that wraps around the room.

wiCHARGE Stone

This stylish charger is designed to make charging your device as easy as possible. wiCHARGE Stone is a perfect charger for the desktop, kitchen, or night table.



Let aCAPPELLA wheat sweep you off your feet with its rich and detailed sound. The eye-catching round speaker will fill your home with your favourite music.


This stylish charger is designed to make charging your device as easy as possible. wiCHARGE 2 wiCHARGE 2 is a perfect charger.


Fill your home with exquisite sound. The elegant aTUNE DAB + radio has all playback options available - FM, DAB+ and Bluetooth.


aLOOMI enchants with its aesthetic outer and multiple functions. It's a chic lantern and speaker in one product, and it will blend beautifully into your home.


A discharged phone will never be a problem again. With toCHARGE QI you can experience the convenience of wireless charging.


Rise and shine with multifunctional aWAKE 2. The astonishing device is more than just an alarm clock. It also works as a mini speaker, and all controls are on the back, along with a large snooze button.

aGO 2

The petite aGO 2 Bluetooth speaker impresses with powerful sound and an iconic design. It's easy to transport, so your favourite tunes are just a snap away.

toCHARGE mini 3

Power on the go! toCHARGE mini 3 small enough to carry in your bag, but with enough impact to help you get through a busy day.


The aJAZZ Qi Bluetooth speaker is a true Kreafunk icon! It enchants with its unique shape and powerful sound.


wiTRAY is much more than just a tray. It also has two wireless, contact-based Qi charging zones.


No fuss – just great sound! aBEAN is designed to be easily accessible for all. It has a great sound and easy touch operation.