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The capturing and detailed sound gives your music the soundstage it deserves.

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aBEAT - extra cushions
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And don't worry about any surrounding sounds - the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) makes them disappear, so all you hear is your favourite tunes or podcasts. You'll also look forward to up to 30 hours of pure musical bliss on a single charge. Ear cushions are soft like marshmallows, and the ear cups have a 15 degrees angle for the ultimate comfort.


aBEAT is designed to be water-resistant (IPX4).You can therefore wear the headphones for training and in rainy weather without worry.


ANC stands for "Active Noise Cancelling" and is a technology that uses small microphones and speakers to create a kind of "noise" in the ear canal that humans can barely hear. This makes the noise around you almost disappear completely, providing more enveloping sound without interference.

Cushions soft like marshmallows

The earpads are as soft as cotton candy and marshmallows. They're designed to sit comfortably on your ears for hours on end.

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