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The all-time favourite aGO portable Bluetooth speaker fits perfectly in your pocket.


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Its soft shapes and simple design are stylish choices that can decorate the home or be taken along when you're on the go. Its resistance to splashes of water makes it perfect for outdoor use as well as in the bathroom. With aGO at your fingertips, you can play your favourite music anywhere, anytime.

aGO also comes in a care version. Care means that the speaker is made of 35% less plastic while the textile front is made of soft recycled textile made of 98% plastic bottles from Gabriel®.

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Playtime and charging

With a 2-3 hour charge, aGO can play music for up to 25 hours. You charge the speaker via the included micro USB charging cable


aGO is designed to be water-resistant (IPX5). You can therefore take the aGO with you to the bathroom without any problems.

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In addition to the eight colours, aGO also comes in a Care version with 35% less plastic and with a textile top from Gabrial® made from 98% recycled polyester.

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