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Get moving with aMOVE.


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The urban Bluetooth speaker will sweep you with deep and detailed sound. Its small size makes it easy to bring your sweet tunes with you. Connect to your smartphone, and the music is ready in a split second, wherever and whenever you need it.

Playtime and charging

With a 4-6 hour charge, aMOVE can play music for up to 20 hours. You can charge the speaker via the included USB charging cable.


aMOVE is the only living Kreafunk speaker with a built-in powerbank. Connect your device to the speaker and charge while the music plays.


If you don't want to share your Bluetooth connection or save battery, you can connect your device to aMOVE via the included AUX cable.

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How your new Bluetooth speaker aMOVE works. Learn more about the different features.


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