aTUNE wheat black - Limited Edition

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Fill your home with exquisite sound. The elegant aTUNE DAB + radio has all playback options available;


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it transmits both FM and DAB+ and also acts as a Bluetooth speaker. On top of that, it also has a built-in alarm function and a beautiful, stylish design that makes it fit perfectly into your home. In addition, its resistance to splashes of water makes it perfect for use in the bathroom or outdoor.

aTUNE wheat black - Limited Edition is made of 35% less plastic while the textile front is 98% recycled polyester from Gabriel®.

Playtime and charging

With a 3-4 hour charge, aTUNE can play music for up to 30 hours. You charge the speaker via the included USB-C charging cable.

Built-in alarm

Set the clock, set the alarm. Wake up happy.
aTUNE care black is equipped with a standard alarm sound.

A world of features

With aTUNE care black, all the different playback options are available, as it transmits both FM and DAB+. In addition, it also functions as a Bluetooth speaker.

All the important


How you use your

aTUNE care black

Get your new DAB+ radio/Bluetooth speaker aTUNE care black working.
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