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This utterly charming LED lamp is made of the softest material imaginable.

The lamp provides a warm, ambient light that creates a calming atmosphere in the room or on the nursing table - brilliant for nursing at night.

Give Blob a gentle tap on its head, and the LED light changes its colour; further taps allow you to switch among its 7 charming colours.

Thanks to its soft silicone construction, Blob always remains pleasantly cool to the touch.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, just like all our other designs - because the planet deserves the best!

Discover my many talents by reading the manual here.

Ø105 mm (120 mm with ears)

  • 100% recycled GRS plastic
  • 50% sand-based silicone
  • PFAS-free
  • Touch and shake sensor
  • Up to 12 hours of light
  • Charging time: 0.5 hours
  • LED colours: 7 colours
  • USB-C cable included

Important Things About Me

100% recycled GRS plastic

Our design is made of 100% recycled GRS plastic - like a loving hug to our planet with a touch of playful magic!

Touch and shake sensor

When you gently press the Blob's head, the LED light changes color and with further pressure on the head you can switch between its 7 enchanting colors.


Designed with care and without PFAS! Your little ones can safely explore the world with our worry-free products.


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