Great sound around the world!

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who can visit a distributor of ours, or maybe online shopping is the way for you. Either way we give you an opportunity to explore our universe and fall in love with both design and functionality. We collaborate with a bunch of different distributers located in different countries, all over the world. Maybe one of them is near you?

At KREAFUNK we ship our products all around the world, so no worries if you can’t find a distributor near you, just visit our webshop instead, and we will ship it directly to you. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us!

Check out the list below to see our current distributors.


Australia & New Zealand

Until Pty Ltd
Suite 2.07, 50 Holt St.
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: +61 2 9119 8700
E-mail: enquiries@until.com.au


Herdis Jóhannesdóttir
Esufell ehf, Álftamýri 57
ISL 108 Reykjavik

Phone: +354 694 1907
E-mail: esjufell@esjufell.is


Tecnostyle Di Bonfadini
Via Cipro 76
25124 Brescia

Phone: +39 (0)30 6397091
E-mail: info@tecnostyle.info


Nizhnyaya Syromytnicheskaya street
10k2, office 2.7/1
Design Centre ARTPLAY
105120 Moscow

Phone: +7 495 641 59 60
E-mail: info@finedesigngroup.ru