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aLOOMI enchants with its aesthetic outer and multiple functions. It's a chic lantern and speaker in one product, and it will blend beautifully into your home.

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It has 360-degree sound and a lamp top which features dimmable light, candlelight function and coloured light, to name a few settings of aLOOMI. Enhance the experience by pairing two aLOOMI speakers to achieve Stereo Play - and it'll be like you're standing in the front row of your favourite concert. Moreover, it's dust- and water resistant, making it brilliant for the balcony, the garden or perhaps a picnic.

aLOOMI is available in four brilliant colours and a wheat version.

Stereo Play

With the Stereo Play (TWS) you can connect two aLOOMI speakers and experience music in Stereo.

Playtime and charging

Charging time is only 3-4 hours and aLOOMI can play music for up to 30 hours. You can charge the speaker via the included USB to USB-C charging cable.

Light functions

LED lamp with 5 dimmable levels.
Normal light
Candle-light function &
6 different-coloured light options -
all dimmable

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