Don't live to retire

Dance while the music is playing

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Dance while the music is playing

New product

Funk Up Your Everyday with the New aFUNK

This stunning speaker is the newest addition to the KREAFUNK family. aFUNK has a dazzling design and True Wireless Stereo, so you can pair two aFUNK speakers at the same time. Cool, right?

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aHEAD wireless headphones and my autumn playlist

Music has the unique power to change your mood completely. Rebecissima has tested our aHEAD wireless headphones and explains how her taste in music changes according to the seasons.

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New product

We want to introduce you to tRADIO

This gorgeous radio is gonna take your music experiences to a new level. It brings the best of all playback options: DAB+, FM and Bluetooth, so there are no excuses. Don't live to retire. Just dance while the music is playing. 

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The everyday of a Hedonist

KREAFUNK is for real people living real lives.
And we want to share really inspiring stories from the life of ordinary people that know how to make the best of life right here and right now. 

This is Kasper's take on the good life. 
A completely ordinary day in company with him just feels less ordinary.

We’ve spent a sunny day in his company, where he has explained us his view on the good life and shown us how he dances while the music is playing. 

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