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Simple, slim fit and super comfy headphones with round, soft, replaceable ear cushions.

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aHEAD 2 microphone

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aHEAD 2 headphones have high sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) meaning they block out all surrounding sounds, so you get the most out of your music.
Included is a handy set of washable sports cushions. Perfect for workouts.

Transform them into a beautiful headset by purchasing our aHEAD 2 Microphone. Online meetings and conversations reach new heights with crystal clear sound and comfy feels.

Top Ratings from Lite Magazine:

…The Kreafunk aHEAD 2 impresses in multiple ways: The sound quality is surprisingly good. Deep, powerful bass as well as higher-frequency components are reproduced cleanly and beautifully differentiated. There's no trace of muddled sound or annoying booming. Even when it gets a bit louder, these On-Ear headphones consistently meet the requirements. Thanks to its low weight, the wearing comfort is also excellent. In its price range, the aHEAD 2 is hard to beat in this discipline. The same applies to the ease of use: it is intuitive and versatile. The Active Noise Cancelling works reliably, with the Kreafunk also providing good passive noise isolation. Thus, irritating background noises are already effectively reduced even without ANC. So, if you are in search of a stylish and low-maintenance headphone that lasts long, sounds very good, has ANC, and at the same time is not too expensive, you should definitely take a look at and, of course, listen to these On-Ear headphones…”

Grade: 79 out of 80.


ANC stands for "Active Noise Cancelling" and is a technology that uses small microphones and speakers to create a kind of "noise" in the ear canal that humans can barely hear. This makes the noise around you almost disappear completely, providing more enveloping sound without interference.

Sports cushions included

Washable pillows included. Perfect for when you need to work out. Easily replace pads with a single click

Add on - Microphone

Turn the headphones into a cool headset by adding a separate microphone for extra phone calls. Online meetings and conversations reach new heights with crystal clear sound and delicious comfort.

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