CSR. Our focus.

By focusing on what is important, we recognise that our actions affect the world we are part of. That's why we strive to take our environmental responsibilities seriously by finding effective solutions to help create a more sustainable future.

Below you can learn more about our efforts:

1) Goals

2) Protecting the environment

3) Materials

4) Packaging

5) Care collection

1. Target

At Kreafunk, we care. And we strive for our audio products to inspire and bring joy to everyone. This is not only in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but also in terms of how we carefully select our raw materials. We strive to do business responsibly and with respect for the environment.

Responsible sourcing: we source our raw materials with care. This allows us to use the best materials available, while having as little impact on the environment as possible. Therefore, one of our long-term goals is also to reduce plastic consumption in everything we do.

Colours and materials: our design department always makes sure that we are up to date with the latest trends and tendencies in design, materials and colours. This is to ensure that products remain relevant across the seasons.

Great sound: we use state of the art technology to give you the best sound experience.

Value for money: we produce products with unique quality and finish. At the same time, the price is right on the money and accessible to everyone.

2. Protecting the environment

We strive to become more environmentally friendly by continuously improving our processes while minimizing our environmental footprint. For this to happen, we have to compromise. That's why we also believe it's important to find solutions that we can vouch for both economically and environmentally. Some steps we can take alone, others we need to take in cooperation with others to achieve the best result. Our green journey started a long time ago, and with small but effective steps, we have achieved the following so far:

- Researched the market and selected environmentally friendly materials
- Partnered with valuable stakeholders who contribute recycled materials to the CARE collection
- Reduced the consumption of unnecessary packaging

3. Materials

Our aim is always to use the best material available. By doing this, we can offer you quality products, both inside and out. This not only makes our products extremely stylish, but also gives the sound the best conditions. To this end, we have found environmentally friendly alternatives. It's an ongoing process, where we continuously improve as more potential materials for audio products are developed. With the use of quality materials, it is also possible to recycle most parts. That's why we encourage you to take your used electronics to your nearest recycling centre.

3.1 Wood fibre

We are continuously looking for solutions that allow us to produce in a more environmentally friendly way. So far, this means that we have replaced 35% of the plastic in the Care collection with wheat straw fibres, and we are working towards this becoming the 'new normal' for all our products. Wheat straw fibres are a natural by-product of wheat production and are naturally reproduced within a given timeframe.

Although we have replaced a large amount of plastic with natural fibres, the great sound you know from our other products has not changed. So it's a pure win-win situation if you ask us.

3.2 Fiber Concrete

We have introduced the Stone series to the Care collection. This series is made of fiber concrete and has a natural, authentic, and environmentally friendly exterior that is kinder to the planet.

Just like in nature, each product is unique and has its own expression. The surface is rough and will over time acquire a unique patina. It has not undergone any surface treatment or chemical processes, so its use and environment will naturally affect the material.

3.3 Collaborations

With the goal of working more environmentally friendly, we have partnered with Gabriel®, a Danish textile company. As a result of this collaboration, the Care collection will be the first Kreafunk collection with a textile front instead of a metal grid. Gabriel® contributes recycled polyester for all speakers in the Care collection. This polyester is made from 98% recycled plastic bottles. That's pretty cool!

In addition, we have reduced the consumption of all printed material.

4. Packaging

4.1 Paper boxes

Our packaging is made from recycled paper.

4.2 The packaging journey

The packaging journey does not end here. In the future you will also notice that we have replaced the foam plastic in our master boxes with cardboard; that we have removed the unnecessary protective foam in the inner boxes and, not least, that we have reduced the size of the boxes.

Kreafunk care

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5. Care collection

The Wheat collection currently contains nine products: aGO 2 Wheat, aTUNE Wheat, toCHARGE Wheat, toCHARGE mini Wheat, wiCHARGE 2 Wheat, aJAZZ Qi Wheat, aBEAN Wheat, wiTRAY Wheat and aCAPPELLA Wheat.

In the care range, we have reduced the amount of plastic in each product by 35%. We have replaced the plastic with wheat straw fibres, which give the surface a new, nature-inspired look. However, this does not change the surface of the products, which will still have the soft touch you are familiar with from our other products.

In addition, the front of all speakers in the care collection is applied textile developed by the Danish textile company Gabriel®. This textile is made from 98% plastic bottles and adds an extra touch to the products.