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The earpods that do it all! They can shut out all sounds when you play your music. With four built-in microphones, they are incredibly suitable for telephone conversations. 

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They are also noise-reducing, which means that they actively equalize a large part of the background noise. And the Transparency mode feature lets you blend in with your surroundings without having to take out your aSENSE in-ear headphones. Charge them in the matching case.

Rain is not an obstacle with aSENSE, which are resistant to all kinds of weather, so you can take your tunes with you on the go. They are indeed designed with your convenience in mind. This also means that they are perfect to wear during a workout session, where you're breaking a sweat.

Add colour to everyday life by choosing aSENSE in-ear headphones in one of the fresh pastel colours that emphasize your taste and personality. And when they need to charge, this is easily done in the matching case.

Whether you're running, dancing, sitting still, or walking, it's important to have a perfect fit. aSENSE comes with 3 pairs of silicone tips in different sizes.


ANC stands for "Active Noise Cancelling" and is a technology that uses small microphones and speakers to create a kind of "noise" in the ear canal that humans can barely hear. This makes the noise around you almost disappear completely, providing more enveloping sound without interference.

Transparency mode

Use Transparency mode when you want to keep hearing what your colleagues or the shop assistant are saying while you listen to your music. Transparency Mode lets you decide how much of the real world you want to hear - especially good when you need to pay extra attention in traffic.


ENC means your own voice comes through clearly when you talk on the phone via aSENSE earpods. Great if you're cycling and it's windy or noisy in some other way.

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