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Enchanting, petite and powerful! The pocket-sized aGO mini Bluetooth speaker will sweep you off your feet with its exceptional sound quality despite its small size. 

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Take it with you to the park, beach or patio and benefit from alluring tones anywhere. Its resistance to splashes of water makes it perfect for outdoor use as well as in the bathroom.

Enhance the musical experience further by pairing two aGO mini speakers to achieve Stereo Play - and it'll be like you're standing front row of your favourite concert.

It's a delightful gift for a host or hostess. Or get it for yourself and benefit from dreamy tones in your home and on the go.

aGO mini has a USB-C connection and a 3-watt digital amplifier.

Top Ratings from Lite Magazine:

“...Wonderfully small, pleasantly lightweight, and extremely stylish, the Kreafunk aGo mini is a great companion that can deliver good sound anywhere. The compact Bluetooth speaker stands out clearly from its competitors with its elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship. With its 3 watts, the tiny speaker effortlessly fills even medium-sized rooms with sound. Its lively performance shines with every genre, and its excellent voice reproduction also excels with podcasts or audiobooks. Priced at just under 30 euros, the cost of the aGo mini is almost as compact as the speaker itself...

Grade: 79 out of 80.

Playtime and charging

With a 1-2 hour charge, aGO mini can play music for up to 8 hours. You can charge the speaker via the included USB to USB-C charging cable.

Stereo Play

With the Stereo Play (TWS) function, you can connect two aGO mini speakers and get music in stereo.

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