Make sense of IPX Ratings

Forstå IPX-klassificeringer

Rainy weather and water splashes don't have to stand in the way of good music. Most Kreafunk speakers and headphones/earbuds remain unaffected by weather conditions, so you can freely bring your tunes on the go simply because the Kreafunk design team create our products with your convenience in mind.

The IPX rating on your device provides helpful information on how much water it can withstand for your music to keep playing uninterrupted. Almost every Kreafunk device mentions the IPX rating on it, which ensures that your product is water-resistant – it can basically withstand splashes of water or even more – and you can, therefore, without hesitation, bring it to the beach, your patio or place it in your bathroom.

Let's talk about something as sexy as sweat, baby. Our headphones and earbuds also have an IPX rating, meaning they're... sweat resistant too. Therefore, they're an ideal choice for heavy workout sessions. (or the rainy walk to the gym).

IPX Rating levels explained
IPX stands for Ingress Protection and is also referred to as international protection. It's a marking that indicates the level of protection against water, dust, etc. It also means whether the object is 'weather-resistant' or 'waterproof' — the greater the IPX rating, the greater the resistance. The following list shows you the IPX rating and what it means. The IPX-rated Kreafunk devices range from IPX3 to IPX7.

● IPX0 – No protection

● IPX1- Protects against dripping water

● IPX2- Protects against vertically dripping water

● IPX3- Protects against sprays up to 60°

● IPX4- Protects against splashing of water (equated to ordinary rain)

● IPX5- Protects against water jets

● IPX6- Protects against powerful water jets

● IPX7- Protects in water up to 90 cm (for a minimum of 30 minutes)

● IPX8 – Protects when immersed in water over 90 cm