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Bigger and better. We improved our beloved aMAJOR speaker with this second version. It´s exactly 8% larger and has a whooping 40W digital amplifier – and just like the original speaker - it has the advanced 360° sound technology. 

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This speaker easily fills any room and gives your music the best possible conditions with its deep and precise bass. 

Moreover, it's easy to take with you. Grab it by the leather strap, connect your music quickly and enjoy unlimited tunes for up to 30 hours on a single charge. Enhance the experience by pairing two aMAJOR speakers to achieve Stereo Play - and it'll be like you're standing in the front row of your favourite concert.

The water resistance makes it perfect for use in the bathroom, on a balcony or in the garden. You can even charge it wirelessly via our Qi chargers – wiCHARGE.

Stereo Play

With the Stereo Play (TWS) function, you can connect two aMAJOR 2 speakers and get music in stereo.

Charging and playing time

With a 4-5 hour charge (USB-C)/15-16 hour charge (Qi), aMAJOR 2 can play music for up to 30 hours. You charge the speaker via the included USB-C charging cable or via Qi wireless charging.


aMAJOR 2 is designed to be water-resistant (IPX5). You can therefore take the speaker with you outside.

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