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A cute little companion for when you need a bit of music in the background. Made from fibre-concrete, and with a fabric on top made from recycled plastic bottles, it has a natural, authentic eco-friendly essence that is kind to the planet. Just how we like it.And like nature, each product is unique and has its own expression. 

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Small enough to put in your pocket, it´s easy to take aGO Stone with you anywhere and benefit from alluring tones. You see, despite its petite size, aGO Stone has an excellent sound quality. 

Take your musical experience further by wirelessly pairing two aGO Stone in Stereo Play.

The surface is rough, with a Kreafunk signature soft touch and will, intime, achieve a unique patina. It hasn't had any surface treatment or chemistry, so its use and surroundings will naturally affect the material.

Stereo Play

With the Stereo Play (TWS) function, you can connect two aGO Stone speakers and get music in stereo.

Charging and playing time

With a 2 hour charge, aGO Stone can play music for up to 15 hours. You can charge the speaker via the included USB to USB-C charging cable.

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aGO Stone

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