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Bell is an alarm clock designed to make your mornings brighter and more energized. With its stylish and intuitive design, waking up has never been more relaxing.

To turn off the alarm, simply press the button, and to snooze, lift up the alarm and turn it upside down. This means no more fumbling around in the dark or struggling to find the snooze button.

Bell also features a wireless design for added convenience. Say goodbye to tangled wires and limited mobility and place it wherever it suits you best.

The screen lights up upon touch and remains lit for 4 minutes, after which it turns off to not disturb your nighttime sleep.

Embrace simplicity and make every morning a breeze with Bell.

Alarm clock

Set the alarm and prepare for a pleasant start to your day. Bell has 6 different pleasant tones, so you can find the tone that suits you and your morning.

Playtime and charging

With a 1-2 hour charge, Bell can be used wirelessly for up to 30 days. You charge the alarm bell via the included USB-C charging cable.

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